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Title 20:20 Richmond | Julian Bovis

Gallery pic 01

Church Street, Teddington

On a rainy April afternoon a couple sit in the
window of a small cafe on Church Street.
They are motionless and silent
with just a candle for company.
Gallery pic 01

Eel Pie Island Boathouse

Amongst the ladders and the ropes
beats the heart of Eel Pie Island.
As the boats await a new life the tools
are downed for a spot of lunch.

Gallery pic 01

Palm House, Kew Gardens
From inside the Palm House we watch the flowers
as Mary once did and her bench does now.
- Tribute to Kew Gardens Botanical Artist
Mary Grierson.
Gallery pic 01

Strawberry Hill Station
As the trains and the commuters rush in and
out, the humble station quietly decays.
As I strip away the filthy corrugated panels,
the elegant bridge breathes a sigh of relief.

Gallery pic 01

Richmond Riverside

Midnight strikes, the bars close and the boats are still.
The cafes have shut and the ice cream van
turns off its tinsel bell. Winter won’t be long.
(thanks Eddi)
Gallery pic 01

Richmond Park

On a cold autumn night when the
trees are bare and the sky is black,
the London skyline appears on the horizon,
watched only by the lone stag.

Gallery pic 01

The Star & Garter

As the soldiers pack up their troubles and
are demobbed to deepest darkest Surbiton,
the grand old lady sits quietly in the dark,
awaiting her new inhabitants.
Gallery pic 01

Cafe Matthiae, Richmond Odeon,
Pizza Express, Lichfield Court

With their wide gaping smiles,
the Art Deco buildings of Richmond
breathe new life into the town

Gallery pic 01

Mistletoe Balls, Hampton Court

Like the dark black soul of a frozen sun,
the Mistletoe slowly consumes its
life-giver. A kissing Cuckoo offering
nothing but love in return.
Gallery pic 01

Kew Bridge Eco Village

One day the diggers came. They pulled up the
cabbages and pulled down the teepees.
Towers may now rise from the rubble
but every dog has its day.

Gallery pic 01


For 40 years Lynn Chadwick’s Watchers stood
aside the tower blocks but now they are free to roam.
Are they roaming the streets of London or
adorning the finger of an unsuspecting girl?
Gallery pic 01

Eel Pie Island

The dark black water gloopily rises
as the storm clouds gather.
The swans glance upwards to see the
lone owl stealing their thunder.

Gallery pic 01

Out Of Order, Kingston

Wrenched from the bosum of the family,
her daily phone call became a weekly
letter and then a monthly email.
At last she belongs to the city.
Gallery pic 01

Twickenham Stadium

By ten he’d drunk a dozen beers
but still his eyes did glisten
as he told the story of “that try”
to anyone who’d listen.

Gallery pic 01

Ten Teddington Terraces
There’s a pattern in those halls,
American fridges and Farrow & Ball.
Plantation shutters and Venetian blinds,
SUVs and the ties that bind.
Gallery pic 01

Hampton Court Chimneys
Pigs heads and loaves of bread,
cow’s hearts, carcasses dead.
The fire keeps on burning and
the chimneys keep on smoking.

Gallery pic 01

Rhizotron, Kew Gardens
As we climb the steps, the pigeons eye us
nervously. If we’ve conquered the earth
what’s to stop us taking the trees?
They know it’s only a matter of time.
Gallery pic 01

Field End Estate, Strawberry Hill

As the trees reach high for a small piece of sky,
the residents lay restless in the dark.
For the have a brand new vocation,
they’ve bookmarked it on PrimeLocation.

Gallery pic 01

Teddington Lock

Commuters cycle and Flickr nerds raise their
Leicas. But as two lovers walk across
Teddington Lock Bridge, six feet apart,
nobody can hear their silence
Gallery pic 01

Hampton Lido
The morning sun has arrived and the stench of
Chlorine fills the air. After a Midday swim there’ll
be ham and tomato sandwiches, full-fat
Coke and fairy cakes for afters.

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