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Title 20:20 Richmond | Julian Bovis

Title 20:20 Richmond | Julian Bovis } Artist Page

He studied Architecture at the University of Plymouth and spent 20 years art directing
national newspapers on Fleet Street. In his forties he returned to art full-time and began a series
of large-format works influenced by Luis Barragán, David Hockney and John Piper.

“Architecture as art has always fascinated me. From David Hockney’s ‘Two Deckchairs, Calvi’
to Joni Mitchell’s ‘Hissing of Summer Lawns’, I grew up fascinated by artists who could harness
the aesthetic of a pedestrian landscape and create something truly original.”

Julian’s super-size black and white landscapes cover a wide-range of subjects including famous
landmarks, historical buildings, rivers, parks, bridges and residential streets.
He then adds bolts of shocking colour to bring his bold images to life.

His in-depth studies of the city concentrate on scale, order, simplicity and repetition.
By removing the human form, the true beauty and honesty of the landscape is revealed.

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